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Fair Trade | Handmade | Recycled | Ethical


our story

It began in January 2009.

A group of 6 Australian families traveled to Kampala, Uganda to build a house for an orphanage. During their stay they saw the poverty and meagre living standards of many of the people. They saw people unable to support their families and unable to realise their own potential.


Economic problems, the AIDS epidemic, a civil war and drought have resulted in poverty for many of the people. Around 50% are living on less than $1.25 a day with only 50% of children complete primary school. Families typically live in one-room houses, where the kitchen is a simple charcoal burner on the doorstep and the outside toilet is shared with other houses.

In spite of the Ugandans’ daily struggle, the Australian group saw the wonderful enduring spirit of this country. They met the beautiful people. They enjoyed the Ugandan’s warmth and friendliness, felt their genuine gratitude, shared their lives, saw their determination, experienced their hope, and were inspired by their faith.


They wanted to help the people of Uganda. They fell in love with their bead-work and thought other people would too. So AfriBeads was born.

AfriBeads partners with a group of women, the Kind Mothers’ Project, to provide a market for the beautiful recycled beads and home wares they produce. By helping the mothers, it is possible for their children to be fed, educated, and cared for and for them to work towards a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous society.


We can all be a part of this story. We can all help to change peoples’ lives.