Colouring your Winter - AfriBeads
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Colouring your Winter

Colouring your Winter

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Fashion is about confidence and individuality, which AfriBeads takes to a whole new level as each piece gives life to your outfit, and to the woman behind the jewellery.

I don’t know about you, but as winter creeps closer, I find my wardrobe gets darker and bleaker until I’m garbed in navy and black. What you wear should help you get up in the morning, and all black just doesn’t do that for me. I need a splash of colour to liven up my outfit, and that’s where my AfriBeads come in.

There’s a great quote from Yves Saint Laurent, one of the world’s most revered fashion designers, in which he states that “I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence”. AfriBeads takes that and runs with it, doing what many other accessories fail to do, and give confidence not just to you, the wearer, but also the woman behind the jewellery, the creator.

So let’s think about you, and the woman behind your jewellery.


Alexander McQueen, another leading fashion name, once said that “clothes and jewellery should be startling, individual.” That means you don’t want something plain that just sinks into the background of your outfit. I regularly get asked and complimented when I wear my AfriBeads – I’ve even been stopped on the street, because they are so vibrant and different. They ‘pop’ when worn on black or white and they bring a dull top and jeans to life. They may not be startling, but they are stylish, adding colour, interest, and an exotic touch.

The other great thing about AfriBeads for you, is that of course, you’re never going to see anyone wearing the same thing. Every piece is individual, because every piece is made by hand out of a different piece of paper. The lovely ladies in Kampala cut strips of magazines and roll them tightly, then cover them with a lacquer to protect them, these are threaded into unique designs, before being sent here to be displayed and worn by you. Each bead is individual, and so is each story behind the product they make up. When you purchase AfriBeads you get an individual accessory, and you support an individual’s life.

The woman

AfriBeads isn’t just about giving you confidence, but empowering the women in Uganda who otherwise struggle in poverty. Five years ago, Rosemary founded AfriBeads in order to support a group of women in Kampala, Uganda called the Kind Mother’s Project. The women created beautiful jewellery from recycled paper and sold it in the local markets so that they could try and afford food for their families. By AfriBeads partnering with these women they are now able to put food on the table every day and send their children to school.

Since AfriBeads first started the number of women and children has grown and so have their skills. With all profits going back to support the women, they have been able to buy jewellery making equipment and supplies, rent a room so they have a safe and secure place to work, and buy sewing machines to expand their range. The accessories give more than just confidence to these women, they give a livelihood and hope.

So as the weather gets a little colder, adorn yourself with confidence and hope in the knowledge that each AfriBeads accessory is there to support you and the woman behind your jewellery. 

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