AfriBeads August 2013 Newsletter - Fair Trade - AfriBeads
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AfriBeads August 2013 Newsletter – Fair Trade

AfriBeads August 2013 Newsletter – Fair Trade

Through your involvement in Afribeads you are part of the global fair trade community, and in each of your purchases you widen the network that supports the women artisans in Uganda.

our women artisans at work

How does AfriBeads fit into fair trade?

AfriBeads partners with a group of women in Uganda, the Kind Mother’s Project, by selling their hand-crafted products to the larger market in Australia. This gives the women a sustainable means to have a regular income and lift themselves out of poverty. This shapes the values, beliefs and ethics in which AfriBeads operates.

The women design and produce all of our beautiful products from recycled or natural materials. These are then shipped to Australia, distributed and sold by us to you. Our trade system is transparent and based on fair and ethical principles.

When you purchase AfriBeads you are not just buying a product, but providing an opportunity for these artisans in Uganda.

the children of the Kind Mother's Project



What is fair trade?

Fair trade is a world-wide movement assisting producers and workers in developing countries, as part of the global movement to reduce poverty.  It is about seeking greater equity in international trade by creating a model of sustainable development and fair treatment. This offers better trading and working conditions and secure work and payment rights.

At the personal level, fair trade allows the everyday consumer to combat poverty and trade injustices through everyday shopping practices.

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