Artisan Partners - AfriBeads
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Fair Trade | Handmade | Recycled | Ethical

Artisan Partners

The AfriBeads Women’s Association

About The Project

AfriBeads are made by a group of 30 women from Kampala in Uganda called the AfriBeads Women’s Association.


The AfriBeads Women’s Association is a Ugandan initiative and was started in 2005 by a Ugandan woman. She wished to help poor mothers in her area care for their children while working from home. She started helping the women earn money by making and selling beaded jewellery at local markets.


Our partnership with this project started in 2009 after a visit to Uganda and AfriBeads. The women artisans are paid above the market rate for their beads. The aim is for those artisans working full-time to earn an income sufficient to enable them to pay rent, buy food and educate their children.


Profits from AfriBeads are used to further support this project and the community in Uganda. The use of this money is determined in consultation with the members of the project.