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Fair Trade | Handmade | Recycled | Ethical


  • AfriBeads was just at the Melbourne Home and Giving Trade Fair.

  • It’s been a long time coming but AfriBeads has finally been recognised as a Fair Trader of Australia!

  • Did you know there is a New South Wales Fair Trade Network? The NSW Fair Trade Network is made up of like-minded people

  • We all love a bargain, but behind that five dollar steal, there are a lot of people paying the true, and painful, cost.

  • From the roadside to Vogue, and beyond: the AfriBeads story.  Rosemary first met the future of AfriBeads amongst the bur

  • Come and join the fair trade Fashion Revolution with people from across Sydney and the Northern Beaches. On April 18th f


  •   AfriBeads would love to wish you a Merry Christmas or Webale Krismasi from us and the Kind Mothers. We hope that

  •   How do you celebrate Christmas? All over the world the 25th of December is set apart as a day of celebration, inc

  • Summer is finally coming! So it’s time to figure out your look for those days at the beach and park. This year’s colours

  •   This lovely lady’s name is Madrine. She is one of the original members of the Kind Mothers’ Project and has been

  • “fair trade is a window into exciting times ahead” Recently AfriBeads, with a number of other members of the NSW Fair Tr

  • Fashion is about confidence and individuality, which AfriBeads takes to a whole new level as each piece gives life to yo

  • There are fifty-two weeks in a year, and two of those are dedicated to fighting for fairness in work around the world. T

  • International Women’s Day, Saturday 8th March Grab a cup of tea, pop the bubbly, and enjoy the buttery sweetness of a cu

  •   In January, a group of 8 Australians visited the Kind Mothers’ Project in Uganda who make the hand-made pro

  •  These unique and wearable aprons reflect the vibrant traditional patterns of Africa. The aprons feature an inspiring ra

  • Through your involvement in Afribeads you are part of the global fair trade community, and in each of your purchases you

  • AfriBeads inaugural Fashion Show will be held for a select group of gift and fashion shops at the Rockford Novotel Darli

  • Take a moment to read our Christmas message, just click on the link below.

  • We just sent out our newsletter but in case you didn’t sign up you can have a read here. Just click on the image b

  • We just sent out our newsletter but in case you didn’t sign up you can have a read here. Just click on the image b

  • Afribeads is very excited to showcase our range of Ugandan ethical  jewellery and baskets at the Reed Gift Fair in Melbo

  • Afribeads has arrived on YouTube! Uganda is the country where AfriBeads are made. AfriBeads markets unique recycled pape

  • Last month we sent out our newsletter but just in case you didn’t sign up you can have a read here. Just click on

  • Dear AfriBeads supporter,                                                      ...