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Fair Trade Fortnight, May 3rd – 18th

Fair Trade Fortnight, May 3rd – 18th

There are fifty-two weeks in a year, and two of those are dedicated to fighting for fairness in work around the world. That is Fair Trade Fortnight, and it’s on each May. During this time we focus on giving opportunity for employment to the most impoverished people in the world. There are 10 principles of Fair Trade including fair pay, safe working conditions, opportunity for learning new skills, no forced labor or discrimination, and care for the environment. We all have an inherent desire for justice and fairness, and that is what moves Fair Trade Fortnight from being relevant to the few who are in the niche to the many.

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What is Fair Trade Fortnight?

Fair Trade Fortnight is two weeks of the year when we want fair trade to be in focus. The best way to raise awareness is to start a conversation, so that’s what we want you to do. Fair Trade Fortnight is about talking with a purpose. To help you do that, we’ve even come up with some great events for you to go along and chat about.

Here are some highlights from around Australia:

New South Wales – Forestville Uniting Church is holding a documentary event on 3rd May to explore where the clothes we see in our major retail outlets are made. The documentary screening will be followed by a Q&A featuring Sarah Whyte and Ben Doherty, Fairfax Media and Chris Hartley, Executive Director of the Fair Trade Association.

Victoria – On May 4th at Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne from 11am-6pm there will be colourful ethical markets offering visitors the opportunity for an amazing shopping experience, some great mothers’ day gift ideas and a wonderful place to meet the people behind the fair-trade and ethical movement.

Queensland – The University of Queensland is hosting an evening on May 8th to discover some of Brisbane’s most exciting ethical fashion brands, to connect with the story of your clothes and who made them, and celebrate the power we have to change lives through fashion. It is proudly presented by Oxfam UQ and Sinerji Clothing, in partnership with Fashion Revolution Day and the Fair Trade Association.

Western Australia – The Fairly Fashionable event for Western Australia culminates on May 9th with an ethical fashion show and competition with clothing designed by existing or aspiring fashion designers. It will be held in the old Myer Building, Kings Square, Fremantle from 6:30pm. Fabrics have been supplied by members of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand from countries around the world. There will be a public exhibition from the 10th of all the magnificent clothing.

What conversation starter are you going to use for Fair Trade Fortnight?

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