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Our Christmas gift for you!

Our Christmas gift for you!

afribeads christmas tree


AfriBeads would love to wish you a Merry Christmas or Webale Krismasi from us and the Kind Mothers. We hope that you have a wonderful day, full of the joy of family, friends, and giving. And of course food!

Here’s a fun little Christmas present from us to you. It’s a traditional Ugandan meal often eaten at Christmas called Luwombo.


–          Chicken or beef

–          Banana Leaves

–          Chicken stock

–          Curry Powder

–          Salt and Pepper

–          Tomatoes (chopped)

–          Green pepper (chopped)

–          Onions (chopped)

–          Ginger (grated)

–          Peanuts (ground)

–          Potatoes or plantain


Chop the chicken or beef into small chunks. Rub in salt and pepper while it is still raw. Grill (or even better, barbecue over a flame) so that it browns, but isn’t cooked through.

Pan fry your onions, tomatoes and green pepper with the ginger, peanuts, and a little bit of curry powder to make a sauce.

Place the meat inside the banana leaves (you will probably want to chop these down into a rectangle) with the sauce and tie up with some strands from the banana leaf as string. You want one serving in each banana leaf bundle.

Place them in a pot with a little water and steam for a couple of hours, preferably over a flame or on your stove top.

Serve with potatoes or plantain.


We hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! We look forward to 2015, as we continue to look stylish and change lives together.


The AfriBeads team

Rosemary, Leonie, Robyn, Tish, Louise and Jenny


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