The Fashion Revolution in Sydney - AfriBeads
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The Fashion Revolution in Sydney

The Fashion Revolution in Sydney

Come and join the fair trade Fashion Revolution with people from across Sydney and the Northern Beaches. On April 18th from 6:30pm in Fairlight, there is a Fashion Revolution event being held to commemorate those who died in the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh in 2013.

Fashion Revolution day is held every year around the world on the 24th of April, the day of the Rana Plaza collapse. It seeks to revolutionise the fashion industry and inspire change. It asks the question “Who made my clothes?” in order to mend the broken links in the supply chain and reconnect the faces behind the product. It aims to lift the veil over garments and accessories to reconnect people to the relationships and values that go into creating our everyday wear.

Rosemary Frank, the founder of AfriBeads, which is one of the platinum sponsors of the event, talks about the need for heightened awareness in order for people to understand where their products come from and the difference buying fair trade can make.

“We appreciate these gorgeous products because they’re hand-made, they’re beautiful and unique, and they’re also supporting a group of women who were previously so poor… [we’re] helping them out of poverty.”

Fair trade and the Fashion Revolution are a growing movement globally. It weaves lives around the world in a positive narrative of inspiration, empowerment and ethical style.

The event has free entry and features awards for ethical outfits, a documentary film, supper and a guest panel who will discuss ethical fashion and the fair trade movement. A link to the Facebook event can be found at


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