Visit to Uganda February 2014 - AfriBeads
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Visit to Uganda February 2014

Visit to Uganda February 2014


In January, a group of 8 Australians visited the Kind Mothers’ Project in Uganda who make the hand-made products for AfriBeads. The Australians shared their knowledge and experience with the Ugandan women in card making, sewing, candle making and educational activities with the children. Supporting traditional Ugandan crafts they assisted the women in their skills, producing new and improved products for people in Australia while giving the opportunity for more work and better living standards for the Ugandan women and their children. Fatima in the photo to the left above, now not only makes the beautiful paper beads, but has started to learn sewing. All said it was a worthwhile experience, inspiring and beneficial for all involved.

The call of the wild and helping others inspired the team of AfriBeads on this uniquely different trip to Uganda. A highlight of the trip was the chance to get up close to the African wildlife including zebras, lions and elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park and a walk through the monkey forest in Kibale. The group brings back a message of hope of the potential and beauty that exists in this country which has experienced so much adversity.


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