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Webale Krismasi! : Merry Christmas!

Webale Krismasi! : Merry Christmas!



How do you celebrate Christmas? All over the world the 25th of December is set apart as a day of celebration, including in Uganda.

Christmas is a time of joy, relaxation, food and celebration in Uganda. Webale Krismasi is ‘Merry Christmas’ and they greet one another with Mukulike Okutuuka Ku Mazaalibwa,  but many other traditions are similar to ours.

Festivities in Uganda differ depending on the family, but often preparations and celebrations start long before the actual date. Similar to here, Christmas parties and shopping begin around the start of December, but may not finish until January 1st. There is often an economic boom as many people buy a rare new outfit or shoes for Christmas day. Also, many Ugandans go to church at Christmas; this is usually either on Christmas Eve or the morning of Christmas day.

Another big part of Christmas is the food. For some, it is also the only time when they get to eat meat. Families come together and eat pork, chicken or goat, often cooked with matooke, a dish made from plantain, or a chapati which is similar to naan. It is a time to come together with friends and family, each bringing a dish to share.

This Christmas our ladies will be celebrating with friends and family, rejoicing in the way AfriBeads has been able to help them over this past year. And thank you to you, for making all that possible. 







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